The Mas Camarena education complex provides all the services necessary for each educational space and stage, as well as other services aimed at making the life of our families and our educational community easier.

Colegio Mas Camarena Comedor Primaria

We have three kitchens run by the school that are equipped and adapted for each educational stage.

The menus are created each month and always based on a mediterenian diet, ensuring that they are balanced and healthy. They are also revised by the school nurse.

The menus are adapted depending on allergies and intolerance of individual students and we provide a menu each month for gluten-intolerant students. Students in nursery and infant school are given a mid-afternoon snack.

We promote healthy dietary habits amongst the students encouraging them to follow a varied diet with a lot of fruit and vegetables and combined with physical exercise.

In our dining rooms from October until April our students can have ecologically cultivated mandarins and oranges free of any type of chemical residue or fertilizer. Every Wednesday we have a “fruit day” the children bring some natural fruit for their morning snacks.

Transporte - Ruta Escolar

The school provides a bus service for the children.

We have 19 routes that serve Valencia and the surrounding area. They provide two services a day (morning and evening). From Monday to Thursday there is a route for children that have extra curricular activities that leaves the school at 18:15.

The buses have all the modern security measures implemented on school transport for our students and more than fulfills the current legal requirements.

Each route has an assistant assigned to it who is responsible for the children, concerned for the security and comfort of our children whilst they are on the bus. The under children under 3 have a baby seat.

On the non teaching days there is also a transport service.

Children that do not normally use the bus service can buy a daily ticket if the parents need to make use of this service on a particular day.


In Mas Camarena we have a school nurse who fulfills various functions:

  • Medical care and first aid. After administrating first aid, the nurse evaluates the injury and decides if the presence of the doctor from the schools insurance company is necessary. The nurse will send a report to the family and an exhaustive control of all the medical assistance received.
  • Health Agent. The nurse is the technical advisor in the educational environment and forms the foundation of the interdisciplinary team charged with providing health education, encouraging healthy life styles amongst the students.
  • In charge of the school health programmes, these are an effective strategy in improving the health and education of the students as well as preventing risky behaviors as far as health and safety are concerned.

The center also has a comprehensive health insurance policy. There is a medical center that assists the school in any medical eventuality. In the case of emergency the students are taken to a nearby hospital (4 minutes from the school).

Cafetería PreUniversitario

The Mas Camarena complex has two cafeteria-restaurants: one is situated in the pre-school building the other in the Secondary-Baccalaureate building.

We offer daily menus that are varied, nutritional and healthy.

Both restaurants can be rented out for birthday parties, banquettes, company days and family events with their varied and welcoming facilities.


The school has a stationery outlet based in the nursery building. It has a wide range of stationery and art products, allowing the students to find all the materials they need for their studies without leaving the school.

  • The opening hours are from 9:00 to 17:00.

The students use the school uniform from one year old to 4th secondary.

For the comfort of our families the school has its own uniform shop based in the Nursery and Pre-school building. There you can find the complete uniform and sport’s kit.

Opening times:

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 to 11:00.
  • Tuesday and Thursday from 16:00 to 17:30.

And you can order items through the email