Extra curricular activities

A complete education is obtained by combining the curricular education with a variety of complementary activities that allow the student to work on the curriculum in a different environment to the classroom. For that reason we offer a wide range of extra curricular activities. Improving in this way physical, intellectual or musical capabilities and definitely awaking an interest for different activities out of the classroom.

The participation in these activities is voluntary.

These extra-curricular activities are taught in the school and take place outside of the school teaching hours. The center has elaborated time tables that allow students to partake in at least five hours of extra-curricular activities.

These activities are divided into 3 areas according to the nature of the activity and the abilities that the individual wants to work.

  • Physical abilities.; through sport.
  • Sensory abilities and skills.
  • Intellectual abilities and skills
Extra-curricular programme

Each year we develop a wide ranging programme of extra-curricular activities and in accordance to the needs of our students.


Events and outings

The school also offers a wide range of different cultural and sporting activities, competitions, games and activities.

These events include, Culture Week, Fallas, Christmas Concert, End of Year Festival and the opportunity to stay at Tarihuela Farm School.

All these activities have the objective of encouraging good relationships amongst the students and encouraging team work, comradeship and the participation in competitions.