Primary (Primary Years Programme)

During this stage we give great importance to the development of students work habits, independence and self esteem. Therefore, motivation, evaluation of effort, co-operative learning, sports, IT and a structured syllabus with a high academic level are the principles that identify this educational stage.

Cooperative learning

Cooperative Learning is a teaching method starting with the organisation of the class into heterogeneous groups where children work together in a coordinated way in order to solve academic tasks and gain knowledge. Different learning structures are employed with the objective to ensure the participation of all members of the group. This methodology makes them more competent and find solutions together to move on.

Cooperative Learning implies many advantages: improving academic results, the overall development of the individual through the use of their abilities and multiple intelligences, as well as improvement in communication and development of  emotional intelligence.

Colegio Mas Camarena - Primaria - Alumnos en el exterior
Lenguage learning

During this stage, 50% of the subjects are taught in English. English is the language of choice for teaching Science, Arts and English language with Mathematics being taught both in Spanish and English. The study of language, PE and Religion (or its alternative – Ethical Values) are all taught in Spanish, Music and Valencian are taught in the Valencian language. A second foreign language is introduced in 5th of Primary , when the students can choose between French or German.  By using this linguistic plan we have created a Spanish educational syllabus of which 50% is  taught in English.

Use of ICT
Colegio Mas Camarena - Primaria - iPads

The use of the latest technology allows our students to learn in a very dynamic way and also helps them to develop their sense of independence and they also learn to assume responsibility for their own learning. As of 5th year in primary all our students have their own iPad full of digital books and our own digital content. A blended methodology allows our teachers to personalise the learning process. The use of digital whiteboards which are installed in every classroom, which also have access to the internet, provides the teachers  with an attractive teaching tool and allow a rapid interaction with the students.

Furthermore, our students also attend weekly classes in our dedicated Robotics  classrooms where they learn to programme using a hands-on approach. They apply their knowledge to the solving challenging problems using the robots.

Encouraging Sport

Physical Education is a key element in the development of the students and this is why we encourage the participation in an array of sports. In primary the Swimming Classes are part of P.E. and are carried out in the school’s own heated indoor pool.

Consolidating the School's Values

It is essential that our childern learn to respect not only those who are around them but also their environment and the materials and objects at their disposal. With this objective in mind, the school has implemented a Plan of Harmonious Living so that everyone can enjoy the surroundings in which the dignity and freedom of each and every person is respected.

Teaching Staff in Primary

Totally devoted, in Continuous Professional Development and training, our teachers give great importance to the shaping of their students into not only wise, but also capable individuals, treating each student as unique. The coordination of all teachers is outstanding and serves to ensure the same policies throughout Primary.

Psychopedagogical Departament

This has a very important role in this stage and we have psychologist devoted to each cycle.


5th and 6th of Primary  begin to have a similar structure to Secondary, with specialist Maths and Language teachers. This is done progressively to facilitate the entrance to secondary school.

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