Pre-school (Primary Years Programme)

Colegio Mas Camarena - Emociomate

The second stage of Infant Education lasts for three years, from 3 to 6 years old. Our methodology is very dynamic, with interactive teaching and learning, multiple intelligences and the aid of the latest IT technology.  The children have access to interactive whiteboards in all classrooms as from year 2. The children are educated in an environment of affect, understanding and constant stimulation, which helps them to develop their own responsible and mature personality.

Our Project 'EmotioMath'

Our methodolody is mainly based on our own project Emotiomath. The objective is to create a pedagogical model exclusive to XXI Century Schools. Traditional fairy tales are the common thread linking all areas of learning. We work on all blocks of logical reasoning: spatial orientation, basic concepts, mathematics etc… always based on the learning and promotion of emotional intelligence, which gives the students a complete emotional and cognitive development.

This project is complemented by:
Continuity of the Early Learning Programme

XXI Century Schools has been working on this methodology for twenty years, which aims to develop the students’ intellectual and physical potential to the maximum. This methodology is intended to ensure the development of the student’s intellectiaual and physical potential to the maximum. Its scientific basis allows us to understand the different stages of neurological development in children and to give them an environment rich in visual, auditive, tactile, dynamic, linguistic and eye-hand coordination stimuli. All in  a setting of self-confidence and affective development.

Learning English

65% of the time, students are taught in English as this stage is fundamental in correct language acquisition. To ensure this a variety of resources are used, many of which are made by the Colegios Siglo XXI Pedagogical Innovation Department. 30% of this time is decicated to oral English classes taught by native English teachers.

Literacy skills

We have developed our own reading method for this stage which means that 99% of children going into primary have acquired comprehensive reading skills. This methodology is based on a multisensorial focus and follows the multiple intelligences in the acquisition of reading skills. The children begin the reading learning process at the age of two. At the age of three, they are able to break down words, when they are four, they read their own books and at five they are able to read in Spanish without pronouncing the syllables separately and acquire a good level of reading comprehension.

In addition to this, we work on graphomotricity, which permits the children to follow a comprehensive learning path, so that at the age of five they are able to copy words from the blackboard and by dictation.

Teaching staff and stage objectives

The teachers are specialists in their subject areas in each course: music, oral English, P.E. and psychomotricity. The objectives attained at the end of Pre-school are many. Their level of language development, maths and literacy skills allows them to continue on a firm footing into Primary Education.

“Pre-school education is the base of all of the child’s future learning.”