Mas Camarena students. What do we ask of our students?

  • Acquire, take on and put into practice the values of the Mas Camarena Project in all areas of their life and so become Life Long Learners.
  • Obtain an excellent individualised education, allowing them to build their own future.
  • Can communicate perfectly in English as well as in Valencian and in Spanish, in addition to having a working knowledge of a second foreign language.
  • Master digital competences as a basic skill both academically and professionally, as well as social and emotional proficiency.
  • Desarrollen el Perfil de la Comunidad de Aprendizaje de Bachillerato Internacional: Formados e instruidos, indagadores, solidarios, de mentalidad abierta, audaces, equilibrados, reflexivos, buenos comunicadores, íntegros, pensadores.

Pedagogical model

Colegio Mas Camarena - Mapa pedagógico