Nursery (Babies from 4 months old)

Infants education consists of two stages, each lasting three years, which are both available at Mas Camarena School. Babies as young as four months old can be enrolled in the school. The children are cared for in rooms  and facilities specially adapted  to enhance the development of the baby with a flexible timetable available for parents who need it.

The nursery is decorated and equipped with stimulating material and the children receive personal care and attention. Parents are kept up-to-date on a daily basis regarding their children, (food, sleep, nappy changes).

Mas Camarena Etapa Infantil-bebé
  • Early Learning
    From the very first day, the schools offers a specific programme for each baby which depends on the infant’s age. This methodology is intended to ensure the development of the student’s intellectiaual and physical potential to the maximum. Its scientific basis allows us to understand  the different stages of neurological development in children from 0 to 6 years and give them an environment rich in visual, auditive, tactile, dynamic, linguistic and eye-hand coordination stimuli. All in  a setting of self-confidence and affective development.

  • Intelligence Development Programmes (Flash cards)
    It involves giving the students information organised in categories like art, biology, animals, geography and many other subjects.

Colegio Mas Camarena - Primaria
  • Learning English
    When the children enter the 1 year olds classes, they begin learning English orally with specialist teachers. These are the first steps on our language learning pyramid. In the 2 years -old class there are two daily English sessions. This progression continues until the end of Pre-School.

  • Psychomotricity
    Pyschomotor education is essential in the child’s development. Children do physical exercise, which is carried out in English, under the guidance of a specialised teacher every day.

  • Music
    This is introduced from the babies first months in order to develop the auditive ability.