Welcoming words from the Headmistress

We understand education within an environment of work and respect, where effort and determination are the pillars which support our own Educational Project. Together with the help of the families, the teaching and non-teaching staff, our students are surrounded by an environment rich in learning stimuli which prepares them to become Citizens of the World, Citizens of the 21st Century.

Maite Marín Medina, Headmistress.


  • We are a private multilingual centre educating from Infant School to Baccalaureate and Vocational Courses.
  • Our aim is for our students to develop an excellent level of comprehensive education in an environment of confidence and security through an innovative Educational Project.
  • In Mas Camarena School we want to be a school of reference, committed to educating responsible, critical, healthy and respectful individuals.
  • We empower and stimulate talent in an intercultural atmosphere of excellence, carrying out quality work with commitment and professionalism.


Colegio Mas Camarena - Educating for the future
Colegio Mas Camarena Infantil Robótica
Colegio Mas Camarena - Misión, visión y valores


Mas Camarena School promotes the following values within our Educational Commmunity. From personal respect for the individual and their situations and needs, fraternity and companionship, and a commitment to appropiate bahaviour essential to harmonious living.

Valores Colegio Mas Camarena


In order to develop and fullfil our Institutional Vision, Mas Camarena School proposes the following measures:

  • Individualisation

    Our educational programme is adapted to each students’ needs. Thus offering all students individual learning programmes tailored to their personal circumstances, respecting their learning curve, needs and interests.

  • Promoting values

    Society is supported by people with values. Mas Camarena fosters the development and the education in such values essential for the advancement of a more just and solidary society.

  • Teamwork

    Teachers and students work in unison, not only in the planning of the teaching, but also, and above all, in the learning process. In this way we are committee to the new role of the teacher: educator, creator and social mediator in the development of the pupils.

  • Collaborative

    Development of the ten qualities of the Learning Profile of the International Baccalaureate amongst students, teachers and the wide eductional community.

  • Application of knowledge through activity

    All learning demands effort and personal implication of the student. It is through action that students can develop and improve their abilities. To achieve this, we offer students all the necessary tools to enable them to manage these to obtain all the necessary information for their own training and development.

  • The family as the foundation of education.

    The family is on e of the basic pillar on which education flourishes. We encourage the envolvement of the family in the school and in the projects that we develop so to make them aware of the undeniable importance they have in the education and progress of their children.