Mas Camarena students. What do we ask of our students?
  1. Acquire, take on and put into practice the values of the Mas Camarena Project in all areas of their life and so become Life Long Learners.
  2. Obtain an excellent individualised education, allowing them to build their own future.
  3. Can communicate perfectly in English as well as in Valencian and in Spanish, in addition to having a working knowledge of a second foreign language.
  4. Master digital competences as a basic skill both academically and professionally, as well as social and emotional proficiency.
  5. Desarrollen el Perfil de la Comunidad de Aprendizaje de Bachillerato Internacional: Formados e instruidos, indagadores, solidarios, de mentalidad abierta, audaces, equilibrados, reflexivos, buenos comunicadores, íntegros, pensadores.