Baccalaureate is part of the post-compulsory education and it lasts two years.

There are different types and it is organized in a flexible way, offering several academic paths within each modality.

Bachillerato C.E. Mas Camarena

Baccalaureate options

Mas Camarena students can opt for the three existing national types of Baccaulerate as well as the International Baccaulerate:

Laboratorios Bachillerato
Bachillerato Arte

Objectives and results

Our aim is to provide an Excellent Baccalaureate and the results of our students in the university entrance exams prove this.  We have 100% pass rate and Mas Camarena has got the highest average mark in the Valencian Community for the past five years.

In Bachillerato, the teaching focuses on preparation for the University entrance exams, official Cambridge University and EOI examinations. The levels achieved mean our students arrive at university prepared to face the challenges of the XXI century.

Level of languages

The teaching of the English Language focuses equally on the preparation for the university entrance exams, with superb results, and on the official Cambridge and EOL exams. The levels achieved by our students are:

  • Advanced Certificate of English. Level C 1
  • Proficiency Certificte (The highest possible level achievable with the University of Cambridge). Level C 2